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Do Portable Digital X-Ray Machines Improve Patient Care?

Traditional radiology rooms serve a distinct goal for the care of the patient. But, despite their tremendous advantages, these fixed locations machines are not without their limitations. So that is why many medical practitioners are utilizing the portable digital x-ray machine for increasing versatility, adding convenience, and enhancing patient care abilities.

Certainly, this is the principal point of portable X-ray machines. They can be relocated from one place to another place as they are not connected to a particular area inside the facility. By taking the advantage of this benefit, the doctors are able to image patients in their exam rooms, thus eliminating the need of moving from room to room, or delivering care to patients outside the facility. This also helps in:

• Increasing the workflow productivity
• Increasing the number of patients that can be examined
• Making visits more comfortable for injured or very ill patients
• Enabling doctors to visit patients off-site in circumstances where patients are not able to travel to a facility

Ease of Use
A great advantage of portable X-ray machines is their ease of use because of their intuitive design. Acknowledging the circumstances above, where portability is crucial, we can see that the equipment may require to be operated effectively in threatening or uncontrolled conditions where mistakes can have extremely serious outcomes.

Portable X-rays also work as sharing digital image data with ease, seamlessly interfacing with most picture archiving and communications systems (PACS). This assists the emergency room or critical care clinic team in treating patients immediately upon coming by ambulance.

Image Quality
In a research, researchers discovered that only 1 out of 241 radiography tests had to be reproduced at the hospital due to the underexposed images. But on the other hand, image quality for the rest of the images captured by portable X-ray machines was sufficient for examination.

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