Find The Right Solution For Your Podiatry Practice

The modern podiatry practice is looking for ways to improve efficiency, and there is likely no better way than to implement a digital podiatry x-ray system.  Dicom offers Podiatry DR and CR systems that will save time on every patient examination, and give you digital imaging results in seconds, boosting your podiatry practice’s productivity while offering better patient care.  For changing podiatry practice needs, a portable x-ray system from Dicom may be just the solution that will work.

Today’s podiatry office needs a flexible digital imaging system that will speed up every aspect of your routine imaging.  This is a big reason why podiatry practices turn to Dicom Solutions, because we offer the best in DR imagers and CR systems, plus all of the other components that will allow you to archive, view and transmit those digital images, saving time and effort with every transaction.

Digital imaging systems are very popular because each examination that you conduct will be faster and smoother.  With digital x-rays, you will be able to see the results of each image taken within seconds, so that you will also know instantly if the images are good or if you need to retake any.  This makes it much easier on patients, who do not need to be bothered with return trips to the office.

With digital medical imaging, you also completely eliminate the time it takes for film image developing, and also reduce costs because no dangerous chemicals are used with digital imaging.  If you would like to consult with another physician down the hall or across the world, you can do so by sending and receiving digital medical images over the Internet in seconds, improving the speed of diagnoses and thus offering better patient care.

Another way that patient care is enhanced is that you can modify digital images within seconds, in order to change the contrast, brightness and resolution to more pleasing levels, take precise measurements quickly and view patient records in a matter of seconds, all with the result of improved care for patients as well as efficient office workflow.

At Dicom we offer a full line of podiatry x-ray equipment, including portable units.  Portable x-ray systems are lightweight, yet powerful enough to take outstanding digital images even when you are on the road.  Min-Xray, Source Ray, GE AMX4 and JPI are some of the top brands that we have available at Dicom.

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