For Flexibility, Choose Radiology PACS

Now is a great time for small and medium-sized medical centers, imaging centers, veterinary and dental offices, podiatry and chiropractic offices, hospitals and radiology departments to select a Radiology PACS that is right for your facility. 

Dicom Solutions, a medical imaging distributor and systems integrator, offers a wide range of different Radiology PACS as well as ris pacs suitable for your medical office. There are many benefits that come from using digital images, but perhaps the greatest is the flexibility that digital imaging can offer your medical team.

What is Radiology PACS?

Radiology PACS is short for Picture Archival and Communication Systems, and it is a medical software. It allows an ordinary personal computer to be able to read, send, receive and archive medical digital images, using the World Wide Web as the conduit for communications. Ris pacs refers to a Radiology Information System, which allows you to create patient records, schedule appointments, and bill for services. Combining the digital images with the patient data makes for a completely digital organization of all of your important patient information.

Initially, Radiology PACS were only used by large hospitals because the cost was too prohibitive for smaller facilities. Thankfully, that is now a thing of the past, because you can select a system sized to the number of personnel and specific needs suitable for your medical office. Systems are also easily expandable to take care of current usage levels as well as anticipate future growth.

Benefits of a PACS System

Another major benefit that comes from using digital imaging software is the ability to easily archive patient records and also create back ups. Compliance with HIPPA regulations mandates archiving records for several years. Disaster recovery is also important as part of your emergency preparation and by using Radiology PACS you have a great deal of flexibility in how you archive. You can save information to CDs and DVDs, for example. You can choose to use a RAID array to save data to multiple hard drives. You can also perform routine back ups of your information at an off-site server, which protects you if disaster strikes.

Smaller facilities benefit from web-based Mini-PACS available from Dicom Solutions. A mini-pacs is a fully self-contained unit that functions like a full enterprise pacs system but on a smaller scale. At less than $5,000 to get set up, this offers the flexibility and cost effectiveness that smaller imaging, chiropractic and orthopedic centers need.

You can find out about these and other Radiology PACS and ris pacs features from Dicom Solutions.

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