Have You Been Impacted By New X-Ray Regulations?

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Have you been inspected/fined/shut down with the new X-ray Regulations?

Have you ever had one of those mornings where things just seem to be going well? You wake up refreshed, your breakfast just tasted a little better than usual, an uneventful commute, everyone is smiling in the office when you walk in, you know it’s going to be a great day. That is, until you hear “The inspector is here.” For our California medical x-ray practitioners, this phrase can change that positive momentum. The thought of a fine or even shut down is a running thought that can induce that familiar gurgle or sinking feeling through their stomach.

The new x-ray California QA regulation, DPH-08-015, was placed into effect October 2012 and has added stress as well as extra work to those using x-ray in their medical practice. A daily QA test which includes using a densitometer (looking for Optical Density and Base plus Fog), sensitometer (for your image processor), fixer retention test kit, and keeping a log of your QA check is required under this new regulation.

We attend local, state, and national shows in various industries. The California attendees either tell us their concerns of this new regulation or have not heard of it and quickly approaching a year of no records. When researching this new regulation they will come across a FAQ from the CA Dept of Public Health , they also learn that going digital (CR or DR) will allow them to bypass all of this additional work, stress, on top of bringing their practice into a more attractive position.

At the recent CCA conference in San Diego, CA, we heard from a few Chiropractors that actually outright sold their x-ray equipment, just so they could avoid this new regulation. They had expressed their disappointment that they did not realize going digital would allow them to continue keep their patients in-house for their x-ray needs. It is known that being able to perform x-ray in the office offers better patient retention. We hear from our customers how going digital with some other features have shown a dramatic increase in conversion to treatment plans/patient retention on top of the numerous other benefits like health, workflow, HIPPA compliance, and many more.

Every week our sales team receives calls on how an office is due for an inspection or just got inspected, and need to go digital immediately (this past week was mostly in the Northern part of Central California). While we are happy to help out our customers that need solutions yesterday, we would like to help our future customers with a special deal.

Call DICOM Solutions about the “California QA Special” and let us help you continue to be successful and let a great morning stay that way.

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