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3 Important Tips by The Manufacturers for Maintaining X-Ray Machines

The image obtained by X-ray machinery is the most important first step towards making a diagnosis and initiating a treatment plan to improve the health of the patient. Furthermore, the income generated by the exams contributes significantly to a facility’s financial health. That being said, if your imaging facility’s equipment isn’t working properly, it could have an adverse impact on many aspects.

Thus, we have below talked about some important tips provided to you by X-Ray machines manufacturer. Make sure that you go through all of it!

  1. Electrical Testing

Throughout X-ray PMs, electrical and mechanical tests are performed regularly. Security interlock, cautioning lamp, and sensor tests are examples of these. The servicing engineer examines and certifies safe mounting hardware and wire ends.  The FSE authenticates motion control activity, propelling each axis to its original position and ensuring all crash limits are set appropriately for processes with motion manipulation.

The workstation operations are also thoroughly tested. These may include updating disaster recovery software, setting up software patches, and regularly updating files.

  1. Functional Verification

A preventive maintenance visit begins with function authentication: motion, X-ray production, and imaging. Upon finalizing all of the PM steps, a second quality check is performed to ensure that the image quality is maintained or improved. The alignment of the tube and detector is checked, adjusted, and configured as needed.

3. Internal Cleaning

For an X-ray unit, a little cleaning goes a very long way. Debris and dust can affect its smooth movement, disrupt with cooling, and appear in your images if the system is not cleaned regularly.

The X-ray tube fencing is cleaned to avoid these signs, and the O-rings are substituted with a new one. High-voltage wires are checked thoroughly, cleaned, and re-oiled. Electronic components are blown clean of soot and lint. Rails and gearboxes used to move the tube and collimator and the tabletop are cleaned and greased as needed.

Being the best X-Ray machines manufacturer, Dicom Solutions will certainly advise you to swear by these tips if you want to increase the durability of these machines. Ensure that you get in touch for your next purchase, as we are all set to guide and assist you!