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Podiatry X-Ray Equipment – Is it Right for You

The ability to conduct x-rays in-house provides several benefits for healthcare practices. There are no wait times from third-party imaging facilities, results are evaluated faster, and the quality of patient care is improved. But choosing the correct imaging equipment is vital. If you are in a situation where you require a custom x-ray to aid your needs, then podiatry x-ray equipment is beneficial. 

podiatry x-ray equipment

Custom X-rays help you get detailed and advanced x-ray viewing. Podiatry x-ray equipment comes with pre-operative planning capabilities and podiatry specific tool sets to further help you in investigations. 

Here are some benefits of podiatry x-ray equipment.

Faster Examinations

With the help of improved podiatry x-ray equipmentyou can offer faster radiograph examinations, thus saving you time. The results can be accessed in real-time and sent directly to the physician. This means patients can start his/her treatment immediately.

Safe and Secure

Radiation exposure is one of the things you are most concerned about, however, with the help of the advanced podiatry x-ray equipment, there is less exposure to radiation. This means that both the personnel and the patient are safe from the hazards. 

Equipped with the latest technology

The latest podiatry x-ray equipment is equipped with the latest hi-tech technology. It helps you get high-quality images of the ankle or foot of your patients in a short time. This machine also has phosphor plates and other important features that can delete after usage. It also helps enhances the quality of the images for better investigations and timely treatment.

The machine is portable

An important benefit of podiatry x-ray equipment is that it is portable. You can easily maneuver it to the room as it has wheels. This avoids the transport and movement of patients for x-ray purposes. This is highly beneficial for patients who are suffering from serious conditions and find it difficult to move every time to the x-ray room. 

These are some of the benefits you get with advanced podiatry x-ray equipment for your facility. Due to its usability, the equipment is becoming quite popular and are being adopted by various hospitals and health care setup. Also, they are lightweight and safe to use, so healthcare professionals prefer them. For more information and details and if you want to buy podiatry x-ray equipment, then visit https://dicomsolutions.com/. They offer nationwide sales, service, and support as well as installation for all your x-ray equipment.