X-Ray Equipment Suitable For Different Types Of Medical Facilities

Depending on your medical practice, there are different features to look for in x-ray equipment. Components such as surgical c-arms, high frequency generators and other x-ray system components are available through Dicom Solutions to meet these demands.

Del Medical offers veterinary x ray equipment, x ray dental equipment, chiropractic x ray equipment, portable x ray equipment and more. Equipment that Del Medical offers includes radiographic/fluoroscopic systems, surgical c-arms, high frequency generators and components used in x ray systems. Summit Industries also offers appropriate veterinary x ray equipment and chiropractic x ray equipment.

For those needing flexibility and cost-saving pricing, Quantum RAD-X meets the need for outstanding hospital x ray equipment. Their equipment features the QS-500 tubestand, the Verti-Q vertical wall stand, and a variety of radiographic tables. Quantum equipment comes with APR, or Anatomical Programming Radiology for ease of use with routine and specialized views.

Amrad is another company that brings you innovative radiology solutions for hospital x ray equipment. They offer superior choices for heavy patient volumes. From Amrad you will find the CS Chest Stand, suitable for internal medicine or cardiovascular use. The ST Stationary Table is appropriate for general purpose radiography. Amrad’s AA3 FMT system has a floor-mounted transverse/rotational tube stand and a float-top table. It also includes a very sturdy Power Lift option. The AC400 FT system has a tubestand that allows for cross-table, weight-bearing, table top and off-table imaging.

Dicom Solutions can answer all your questions about any of these x ray equipment options.

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