Veterinary Digital X-Ray: What You Need To Know

It is important for every medical practice to have a digital x-ray system in place, but this is especially true for veterinarians.  Working with patients who cannot specifically tell you where they hurt or what their problems are makes using diagnostic tools extremely important for providing excellent patient care.  A veterinary office will want to be equipped with the ability to acquire, archive, view and distribute digital medical images in a way that enhances your office’s workflow and is cost-effective.

A Vet X-ray system begins with the acquisition of digital images.  Many Veterinarians find that Vet DR and Vet CR imaging systems work very well for their specialized medical practices.   Both types of images can be used either in a stationary radiology room at your home practice, or there are models available that make it possible for you to provide digital x-rays in a mobile practice setting.  These units can also be used to retrofit your existing film x-ray equipment, making it less expensive to make the switch to digital imaging because you only buy the components of the system that you need for your practice.

Storage of digital images is vitally important in order to maintain accurate and complete patient records, an important step in providing superior patient care at your practice.  You can utilize a PACS system, which will allow you to store your digital images quickly, conveniently, and will save you money on archiving and handling costs.  Digital images may be saved to CD or DVD, or you can opt to send the images to an offsite server for long-term storage in the event that disaster recovery is needed.

You can also use your PACS system to view digital x-rays.  When enhanced with a high-resolution diagnostic monitor that works with your personal computer, you will have an optimized clinical workstation that will allow you to efficiently read your x-rays, allowing you to save money by improving productivity in the office.

The PACS appliance will also let you transmit your digital images over the World Wide Web.  This makes is much easier to do a real-time consultation with a specialist located nearly anywhere in the world, which also enables your ability to provide outstanding patient care.  Digital images and other digital text records can quickly and easily be sent online, saving time, which may help to save patients’ lives.

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