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Monthly Archives: December 2012

The temperatures are falling and holiday festivities are in the air around us. The team at Dicom Solutions has begun to celebrate the holidays and look forward to another exciting upcoming year to continue to provide the best medical imagine equipment and solutions on the market. This coming year is particularly special to us at […]

Are you interested in purchasing a computed radiography (CR) system and are still unsure about what to expect out of your system and what benefits are to choosing a CR system over a DR system? Below we outline the main different component and features they offer, as well as the benefits you may see out […]

Over the past two decades CR, or computed radiography, has dramatically changed how everyone from small general practitioners to large hospitals thinks about x-ray. At its core, CR is the digital heir to traditional, film based x-ray development. It takes advantage of existing, low-cost x-ray equipment and combines it with all of the advantages of […]

With so many digital radiography (DR) systems options on the market, it is easy to go for the cheapest option and assume it is “good enough”. In reality there are striking differences between the lowest price DR panel and going one step up. For many years, the Naomi CCD DR had been the only affordable […]