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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Text of regulations ( California Code of Regulations, Title 17, Public Health § 30305.1. Quality Assurance General Provisions § 30308.1. Quality Assurance for Radiographic Installations (Other Than Mammography, Dental, and Veterinary Medicine) § 30311.1. Quality Assurance for Dental Radiography Questions and Answers 1.  Where can I learn how to perform quality assurance testing and find […]

It is common knowledge that High Frequency Generators are a newer and a far superior type of generator, but why?  Additionally, beyond the technical reasons why these generators are different, what are the practical differences that an owner of these two types of generators would experience?  Let’s quickly explain the differences between High Frequency X-Ray […]

Are you considering purchasing a new x-ray system for your medical office and overwhelmed with all the options and technology? Below is a great list to help get you started with asking the right questions in order to make your purchasing decision a little easier. Before talking to an X-Ray vendor you should answer the […]

You might think that urgent care radiology equipment would be used mostly for teenagers having too much fun testing their bodies’ limits on the weekend or kids or sports accidents, but this is not true. A new study performed by Teleradiology Specialists looked at the demographics of patients visiting the urgent care, how many patients […]

There are PACS available to fulfill the most basic needs of small health care providers to the complex needs of large hospitals. Described below are some basic and advanced features that are available on many PACS systems. Features Basic Features Storage Size: One of the fundamental features of PACS is storage size. When determining how […]