A Simplified Comparison of High Frequency vs. Standard Frequency X-Ray Generators

It is common knowledge that High Frequency Generators are a newer and a far superior type of generator, but why?  Additionally, beyond the technical reasons why these generators are different, what are the practical differences that an owner of these two types of generators would experience?  Let’s quickly explain the differences between High Frequency X-Ray Generators and Standard Frequency (aka “Single Phase”) X-Ray Generators. Generic Viagra http://www.healthfirstpharmacy.net/viagra.html

Quick Facts Breakdown-
Empirical evidence has proven that High Frequency Generators;

  • Produce Superior Image Quality
  • Can use up to 40% Less Dose
  • Have Superior Patient Penetrating Properties
  • Produce Less Re-Takes and Double Exposures
  • Rapidly Increase X-Ray Room Patient Through-put
  • Have a Faster ROI

Practical Implications-

Here is a comparison of techniques for the same exam, taken at the same film speed for High Frequency vs. Standard Frequency;

  • AP Lumbar exam on a 32CM Patient, 200 Film Speed High Frequency System =
    kVP 84, mAs 100
  • AP Lumbar exam on a 32CM Patient, 200 Film Speed Standard Frequency System=
    kVP 100, mAs 250

Standard Frequency                                       High Frequency
Standard Frequency X-ray Genreator                           High Freqency X-ray Generator

With High Frequency Generators the X-Ray room becomes much easier to use with less mathematics involved and high patient through-put, allowing for a faster return on your investment.   This is mostly due to the fact that High Frequency Generators utilize Digital Operator Consoles as opposed to the physical dials that are used with Standard Frequency generators to set the proper technique for each exam.  With a High Frequency system, the operator simply chooses the exam type (ie AP lumbar) from a list of options, inputs the patients CM thickness and presses expose.  With a Standard Frequency system the operator will have to set the proper kVp, mA, and Time setting for each exam.  If the operator is not very well versed with X-Ray physics and image quality diagnosis, this results in many re-take exams and a much slower through-put of the patients in the X-Ray room. Buy Ativan http://kendallpharmacy.com/ativan.html

Short Technical Explanation-

Standard Freq. KVP Waveform                                    High Freq. KVP Waveform

Standard Freq. KVP Waveform       High Freq. KVP Waveform

The above graphs show the evidence of why these two generator types first got their names.  The term “frequency” comes from the amount of times per second that the KVP waveform goes up and down.  This is important because useful Medical Imaging X-rays only happen when each of these waveforms are at the peak of the line.  As you can see, the High Frequency Generator’s waveform spends much more time at the top of the crest, thus producing more efficient and better looking X-ray images!

For all the above reasons High Frequency Imaging is a far superior technology and method of acquiring diagnostic images.  Dicom Solutions is ready to help you move into the Digital Age with your X-Ray equipment.

Contact a sales associate today at 1-800-377-2617 for more information.

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