4 Things to Look for in a Digital X-Ray Provider

Digital X-ray provider

For many small and medium sized practices a new digital x-ray system solution is the single largest purchase they will make. Before finding a digital X-ray provider and making a decision, there are several questions you should ask first:

  1. Does your company have experience with digital x-ray?
    Many digital x-ray providers have been around for many years supplying film and chemicals to their customers, but have little to no experience with digital x-ray options such as CR and especially DR. You don’t want your x-ray installer learning about DR or CR at your expense!
  2. Will your company be fully involved in the pre and post-installation project management?
    Make sure the digital x-ray provider you contract with will coordinate with your contractor, architect, electrician, IT staff and radiation physicist both before and after the installation. Lack of planning can result in delays and cost over runs.
  3. What kind of technical support does your company offer?
    Does your digital x-ray provider have a dedicated support staff ready to answer your call when you run into trouble or need a little bit of re-training? Picking a company that doesn’t have people waiting at the ready means that you’re the one who will be waiting instead. Many companies simply wash their hands of the situation by passing you off to the manufacturer where you’ll sit on hold waiting for a support representative who doesn’t know your specific situation or needs.
  4. Does your company offer multiple options for x-ray equipment?
    X-ray rooms are not one size-fits-all affairs. Each practice has different needs based on the types of shots being taken, the number of patients being x-rayed, the size and shape of the x-ray room and more. An x-ray company that only offers one or two options for both the x-ray equipment and the digital CR or DR may not be able to offer you the best solution for your specific circumstances.
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