A Portable X-Ray Machine Can Make Your Mobile Medical Practice More Effective

If in the course of your mobile medical practice you need to administer x-rays, whether for use in a sports team, nursing facility or field veterinary environment, then you will be in need of a durable and compact portable x-ray machine MinXray and Source-Ray offer several innovative systems perfect for your mobile radiography needs.

MinXray – A Great Portable X-Ray Machine 

This company offers high frequency portable x-ray machines suitable for diagnostic radiography that occurs offsite. The system was designed for ease of portability, and comes with portable, stainless steel mobile stands with two configurations, and wheel sizes of ten inches and sixteen inches. The stands fold and unfold easily so that you can transport and then set them up quickly to take your digital images.

Flexibility in use is also built into MinXray portable x ray machines. These x ray systems offer five memory stations, which allow you to store and recall exposure techniques that you use on a routine basis.

Source Ray – An Awesome Portable X-Ray Machine

Source-Ray systems allow you to view, archive, send and receive your digital medical images taken out in the field using Dicom 3 capabilities. Because of its design, you can fold it to get it through doorways and up and down stairwells easily. It also offers excellent quality radiographs with a reduced exposure time.

They offer the PXS-810 system, which is useful for podiatrists. This unit can be used with not only film but also CR and DR systems. Source-Ray has also thought of what you will need when out taking those digital images in a variety of settings. Handy vertical slots allow the insertion of ten by twelve inch film cassettes.

Because your patients may very well not be stable on their feet, patient safety railings are installed in this portable x-ray machine to help your patients be safe and still while digital images are being taken.

You can use portable units with wireless Internet connections in order to send patient images back to your main office for further image enhancement and diagnoses. The digital images you take out in the field can also be printed with a compatible a dicom printer. All of this flexibility and ease of use are possible with portable x-ray equipment systems.

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