Cutting Edge Direct Digital Radiography Is Available Within Any Budget And For Any Specialty

DR, or Direct Digital Radiography, is a form of digital medical imaging that is taking the medical fields by storm, and for good reason.  Direct digital radiography offers the highest resolution of any digital medical imaging currently available, and it comes with all of the cost benefits that you would expect to find when using digital imaging in a medical facility.  Direct digital radiography systems are available for small to large medical offices and hospitals, and it can be customized to work well with a variety of specialties.  Dicom Solutions offers a broad spectrum of different DR systems that will fit your budget as well as your needs, no matter your area of specialization.

Urgent care DR and veterinary DR systems often need to be portable in order to take medical images of patients who may not be able to come to your home office.  Dicom Solutions has veterinary and urgent care DR imaging systems that can be scaled to suit your and your patients’ needs.  When DR systems such as these are used out in the field in conjunction with a printer, you can print digital images on the spot.  When they are connected to a laptop computer with wireless access, it allows even greater flexibility in use because you can send and receive digital medical images in DICOM format, as well as have instant access to consulting physicians. Or you can simply send the digital images you have taken back to your home office for permanent archiving.

Chiropractic and podiatry offices also benefit from podiatry DR and chiropractic DR systems.  Medical offices need an efficient storage system for their patients’ medical records that not only allows for easy and fast retrieval, but also takes into account HIPPA compliance.  For both of these reasons, many chiropractic and podiatry offices are making the change to digital medical imaging.  When you have digital images in DICOM format, you can then easily store them both on and offsite for easy recovery in the event of a disaster, and you can access the digital images quickly for day-to-day use via your office’s personal computers that are running the appropriate software and diagnostic monitors to turn them into workstations.

Dicom offers a wide range of urgent care DR, veterinary DR, chiropractic DR and podiatry DR imaging systems that work for large or small medical facilities, and are priced to fit within your budget.

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