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Flexible Features Flourish In The Kodak CR Systems

CR systems are the easy answer for any hospital, small- or mid-sized medical facility looking to retrofit radiology equipment that they currently have on hand. Making the switch to digital imaging allows your PACS to become even more functional, because the digital medical images can be archived and distributed electronically, saving a great deal of time and money. If you are a veterinarian or any physician who takes medical digital images out in the field, you will like the fact that certain CR systems are designed to work well in a mobile environment. With superb image quality, as well as savings in labor, space and time, many doctors select CR imaging, and in particular the Kodak CR systems, for their digital imaging needs.

Kodak is proud to offer the Point of Care line of CR units. They include three versions: the CR 120, CR 140, CR 260 and CR 360. All are useful in the acquisition of digital medical images in low exam-volume medical environments.

CR 120

This CR system can be made mobile when placed on a wheeled Z-cart, or it creates a small footprint perfect for use on a tabletop. This compact unit can read twenty plates per hour, and comes with two-fourteen by seventeen inch cassettes with plate, as well as two-ten by twelve inch cassettes with plate. Onyx-RAD software is included for acquisition, chiropractic or general viewing purposes. It is also possible with this system to burn single patient CDs.

CR 140

This Kodak Point of Care system reads forty plates per hour in your low volume or mobile environment, making it a great CR solution for use on cruise ships, nursing facilities and forensic institutions. With this system, you can print or locally archive your medical digital images to CDs or DVDs.

CR 360

The 360 series CR reader can easily handle sixty plates per hour, with a thirty-eight second image display. Both the 360 and 140 readers are also available with a mini-PACS system as well, so that you can send and receive digital images online with its web-based dicom viewer.

Digital imaging is affordable with excellent image quality brought to you by the Kodak CR line of digital image readers.


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