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FUJI CR Systems Deliver Revolutionary Design

FUJI CR systems stand out for their quality, productivity and reliability, and now Fujifilm continues to revolutionize the industry by raising the bar in existing capabilities of their CR systems. Their design helps to streamline departmental workflow, maximize uptime and increase productivity. The Fuji CR XC-1 and Fuji CR XL-1 bring a revolutionary design for digital x-ray to the smallest full-featured CR system in the world.

Both the Fuji CR XC-1 and XL-1 offer a small footprint of only 2.41 square feet, making them convenient to use in compact exam rooms and under countertops. Both of the Fuji CR systems also use storage phosphor imaging plates as part of their digital radiography.

Other key features of these Fuji CR systems include the ability to utilize PACS for the transmission of digital medical images. They also offer the printing capability allowing for printing hard copies on film when connected to a dry imager. In addition, the systems are very quick to use. The XC-1 offers a throughput of thirty-five 14×17 plates per hour, while the XL-1 can accommodate sixty-two plates per hour. Image previews can be seen in forty-one to fifty-eight seconds.

Common uses for the FUJI cr systems include plain x-ray imaging of the head, abdomen, chest and spine. Contract medium x-ray imaging is also possible for the bronchial tube, spinal canal, urinary organ and others. The XL-1 expands on these many uses by also enabling Pantomographic exams.

For all these reasons, Fuji CR systems remain a top choice for medical facilities.


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