PACSImage Link Makes VPN A Thing Of The Past

PACSImage Link from Dicom Solutions is an image transmission software. It is used by medical facilities to send patient studies easily across networks. It accomplishes this without the use of a VPN, or virtual private network. A virtual private network can be difficult to maintain and costly to manage. Dicom Solution’s PACSImage Link takes care of this problem.

A virtual private network uses the Internet to achieve communication among remote users, rather than a dedicated, actual line to connect clients. Each VPN client license costs money, and you need a license for each computer that is part of the virtual private network. For a large medical facility like a hospital, that can mean a large license fee due to the many computers connected to the network. With a virtual private network, there is also a great deal of set up and maintenance, because each computer in the system has to be correctly configured for the network to be functional. Once you figure in the amount of IT time it takes to keep the network running well, you might want to consider other, more cost-effective and simple options for sending and receiving digital images.

With PACSImage Link, you do not need a VPN, and are thus freed from the expense of license costs as well as the headache of complex maintenance. PACSImage Link offers easy-to-use, HIPPA compliant software that allows you to securely send dicom images over the Internet. It compresses the image and encrypts the data following HIPPA rules. After this it sends your images online to your recipient. Because this is an online software transmission package, it offers you all the flexibility that comes from using the Internet. Images can be sent and received anytime, to and by anyone with the software on their computer.

Dicom Solutions offers PACSImage Link as a superior image transmitting solution to VPN based on cost and complexity of use and maintenance.

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