Retrofit Your Existing X-Ray Equipment With CR Software

Many smaller medical facilities want to make the switch over to digital X-rays for several important reasons, one of which is usually cutting costs.  It is much more cost effective to take digital X-rays because outside of the equipment, there are really no costs involved with digital X-rays.  With film X-rays, you would need to purchase hazardous chemicals used in developing the film, the film itself, plus you would need ample storage rooms to hold film X-rays in an archive, as well as the cost of physical labor to retrieve and file all of those film X-rays.

All of this expense is a thing of the past with digital X-rays, because all of the archiving, viewing, and even transmission of digital images can be done on a personal computer loaded with the appropriate software.  Computed radiography, or CR, software is used to retrofit your current film X-ray system and convert it to a digital X-ray system.  You will find podiatry CR, chiropractic CR, urgent care CR and veterinary CR systems at Dicom Solutions that are affordable and scalable to suit your particular medical office’s digital imaging needs.

Physicians who own smaller medical offices are often scared away from digital X-ray systems because of the cost previously associated with these systems.  In days past, only the largest hospitals and medical facilities could afford the price tag for digital X-ray and PACS systems.  However, with the drop in all sorts of electronic costs, including personal computers and software, digital medical imaging has also a significant decrease in the cost of software and hardware components.  This means that even smaller medical offices can start with digital imaging at a size and cost that is affordable, and as the practice grows they can enlarge their digital imaging systems as they can afford to do so with the particular components that make the most sense for the type of medical practice.

In addition, there are mobile veterinary CR and urgent care CR systems that allow these physicians to take digital X-rays away from the home office.  When these systems are also loaded onto a laptop computer with wireless Internet access, it allows the digital images taken in the field to be sent to consulting colleagues or back to the home office in a matter of seconds, saving valuable time and improving patient care as well.

Visit Dicom Solutions for more information about finding an affordable veterinary, urgent care, chiropractic or podiatry CR digital imaging software system for your medical office.

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