Spotlight on RemotePACS DR Offsite Storage Solution

HIPPA requirements dictate that every hospital must have an off site copy of their dicom images available in the event of a disaster. This was a major hassle and expense when using film images. Vast storage rooms were required to house hard copies of images, and personnel were needed to retrieve and file images. Chemicals used to develop film were also costly not to mention toxic. Today’s modern technology takes imaging and storage solutions to a new level with the introduction of digital imaging combined with the speed and power of the Internet. Dicom Solutions offers the new RemotePACS.com, a new service offering limitless digital image storage with an efficient web-based service structure. With new technologies from Dicom Solutions, HIPPA compliance for disaster recovery has never been easier.

RemotePACS.com is an efficient solution to disaster recovery HIPPA compliance. If your hospital or clinic has gone down in flames, your records will likely be damaged beyond recovery. In this instance, the security that comes from having a remote copy available is incomparable. Because of the computerized digital interface of the system, it does not require special personnel to operate. Anyone authorized to view patient images can easily have access through the RemotePACS.com system. No special maintenance of patient records is required, unlike with film images. Best of all, no special equipment other than your computer system with Internet access is needed to take advantage of the full functionality that comes through RemotePACS.com.

Because of its online connection, RemotePACS.com is also an on-demand service. Personnel in any time zone, in any country, in any location both on and off site can utilize the power of RemotePACS.com because it is accessed online. This is crucial in a disaster situation when you need access to patient records, to have them available in another area of the country that has not been devastated by a flood or hurricane, for example.

Finally, there are no limitations in storage options when RemotePACS.com is used for your disaster recovery copy of dicom images. This is crucial, because digital images can take up a great deal of space on a hard drive or server; multiplied by thousands of patient images, and storage, along with disaster recovery of images, can be a very real problem for medical professionals. However, no matter the number of digital images you need to store, in no way will the amount of room compare to that needed to store a comparable number of film images. In this way, you can utilize a powerful offsite server through RemotePACS.com to take care of patient images in a manner suitable for compliance with HIPPA regulations. Dicom Solutions offers digital imaging answers for all types of medical service providers.

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