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Teleradiology Applies The Speed Of The Internet To Medical Digital Imaging

Dicom Solutions is an industry leader in Teleradiology, or sending digital patient medical images over a secure transmission network to another clinical digital image viewer. Not only can teleradiology save your medical office money, but it can also be used to provide better medical care to your patients.

Teleradiology systems consist of three main parts: a system for sending images, a transmission network and a dicom viewer. They are available in a range of sizes, so that smaller medical facilities can find teleradiology equipment from Dicom Solutions suitable for their unique purposes and priced to fit their budgets.

Teleradiology also allows for HIPPA-compliant archiving of patient medical images. Digital images can be sent over the Internet to both on-site and off-site servers for back up purposes. This also enables you to have disaster recovery tools immediately at hand should emergencies strike.

Effective teleradiology systems will also enable greater ease in obtaining second opinions and consultations. Because it is an online solution, teleradiology allows physicians and authorized medical personnel located anywhere in the world to communicate with each other instantly, allowing for rapid diagnoses and improved patient care. It can also improve care at rural medical facilities, because physicians there can be exposed to a wider range of digital images as well as have easy access to specialists for consultations. In part, it is because of teleradiology that physicians are more likely to work in rural areas, because they can ensure better patient care through this medical communications equipment.

Teleradiology software can also save a medical office money in several different ways. Because consultations can occur online, there is no need to pay for transportation and accommodations any longer. Because hard-copy medical records require a large storage space to house them for the several years required by HIPPA, and the personnel needed to maintain those records, teleradiology through its entirely electronic environment will help to save on these usual costs as well.

Dicom Solutions offers Candelis ImageGrid and Viztek Opal-Rad PACS as part of its teleradiology systems. The Candelis system features a storage capacity that can be configured to a size to meet your document storage needs and a quick implementation process. Viztek Opal-Rad PACS offers round the clock technical support and the convenient remote access possible through the World Wide Web. For fast Internet speeds applied to digital imaging distribution, Dicom Solutions can answer your questions and provide you with the right teleradiology systems for your medical facility.


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