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The Benefits Of Going Digital With Portable X-Ray Systems

SourceRay SR130 DR Portable X-Ray

Doctors want to provide the best care to their patients. There are times, however, when it is difficult for the patient to get him or herself to the doctor; in these cases, it makes more sense for the doctor to come to them. Portable X-ray systems technological advances in wireless technologies as well as innovative software and equipment, enable doctors to bring medical care to their patients in ways unheard of until recently.

Such is the case with Dicom Solutions’ portable x-ray equipment. With a low weight of approximately one hundred pounds, and combined with a laptop computer and accessibility to a wireless hub, doctors and radiologic technologists can quickly take and transmit patient digital images.

For patients unable to see a doctor in office, this offers a tremendous benefit to diagnosing and treating medical problems. Patients in nursing homes, hospice facilities, and those who are homebound are perfect candidates to experience the benefit of this mobile treatment from Dicom Solutions. 

 Ordinarily, these patients would likely need an ambulance transport to a hospital, where they would receive x-rays. With portable equipment, patients do not have to be moved or wait for treatment, because the digital images can be taken on site. After images are taken, they are loaded onto the laptop computer, and then the computer is taken to the nearest wireless hotspot for secure transmission over the Internet.

Saving Time Being Portable X-Rays

Portable digital x-ray systems save valuable time, another benefit brought to you by Dicom Solutions. Prior to digital technology, films would be taken of patients, the film had to be driven back to the hospital or imaging center, then the film had to be processed, after which it was scanned into a computer and sent out to diagnosticians. 

Now, with digital imaging solutions from Dicom, the process is streamlined to happen almost instantaneously. Plus, hospitals and medical offices save money because no chemicals are needed to develop films, no physical storage areas or personnel are needed to store, file and maintain film records, and because the digital image is sent from out in the field to the radiologist, travel costs of transporting film back to developing facilities is completely eliminated.

Portable x-ray systems are beneficial in other instances where it is difficult to get patients to a hospital. Professional sports teams benefit from portable x-rays for players who might get injured during a game. 

Large companies who want to have physicals done of entire employee staffs can have it done on-site with portable x-ray equipment available. Homicide detectives sometimes even need portable x-ray equipment for digital imaging at the morgue in order to find bullets lodged in bodies. 

Portable X-Ray Systems for Veterinarians are common

Veterinarians on race tracks also use portable x-ray equipment on horse’s legs to aid in diagnosis of breaks and fractures. These are some of the many ways that digital portable x-ray systems from Dicom Solutions provide superior technological benefit to doctors, veterinarians, radiologists, employers, police and a host of others.


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