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The Dicom Viewer And Your Portable X-ray System

Many medical centers and hospitals not only have a full radiography suite onsite, but also have portable x-ray units that can be taken to where your patients are, offering another stream of revenue while providing your patients with better care.  Because the portable x-ray system is essentially a diagnostic tool, it must be used with a DICOM Viewer for you to see the results of your digital images.

One of the key considerations for medical practices that have both an in-office as well as a portable x-ray device in place is that of compatibility.  You will need to ensure that the digital images in CR or DR format that you take on the road will be able to be archived and viewed using your digital imaging systems back at the home office.

The good news is that because the DICOM medical imaging format is typically used in all types of modern digital imaging, viewing, distribution and archiving hardware and software, you can be sure that all of your digital imaging equipment will be compatible, giving you the diagnostic tools you need at all times.

A DICOM Viewer consists of a personal computer that has the appropriate viewing software downloaded, plus a medical-grade, high-end graphics monitor in place.  With these tools, you will be able to take digital images out in the field, view them immediately on a laptop computer with the viewing software, and/or send them back to your home office for further study and storage if you have wireless access and a PACS system in place.

The DICOM Viewer also allows you to enhance digital images that were taken either at home or in the field.  Digital medical images can be viewed with a zoom feature, or brightness and contrast can be adjusted as needed to improve the look of the image.  Crop and rotation features allow you to focus the image on the important parts, making diagnoses more effective.

Monitors are available in several different sizes to suit your area of specialization and the types of digital medical images that you routinely take.  Monitors that can accommodate a full chest x-ray on one screen are available, for example, making it much easier to diagnose problems by allowing you to view the entire image on a single screen.

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