The Movement to CR Systems in Radiology

Improve your work flow and boost productivity with computed radiography. CR systems can play an invaluable role in your medical practice. Your medical office no longer needs to worry about clumsy film images. Instead, it will be stepping into the 21st century with a fully digital imaging system which allows you to look at and share images from any location with a network.

CR systems use a use an imaging plate instead of taking the image on film. The image is then processed through a computer scanner creating a digital image. Once the image is digital, the software of the Kodak CR systems gives you the ability to enhance and enlarge the image. This flexibility offers greater customization of the images and greatly improves the ability to properly access a situation or make a correct diagnosis.

CR systems, such as the CR AGFA, are priced to fit the budgets of small and medium-sized medical clinics, imaging centers, mammography centers, radiology departments, dental and veterinary clinics. The problem many medical offices and hospitals run lies in their current and perfectly functional imaging equipment. Many simply cannot afford to absorb the cost of a complete overhaul of their imaging equipment to digital imaging. Kodak CR systems use your current imaging hardware in conjunction with its CR software. The solution is digital medical imaging at an affordable cost.

With a computed radiography system, you can retrofit your existing equipment so that it is customized to your particular medical office’s needs.

The AGFA CR system is unique in that offers a compact and convenient CR solution but the functionality of a full size model. The hardware is easy to install, use and maintain while providing seamless integration, from X-ray exposure to print or softcopy. Another great thing about this system is that it can be scaled to meet your particular medical practice’s radiography needs and demands.

Kodak CR systems are common in medical practices because it is an affordable package which includes a single-plate CR reader, advanced image management software, and a PC-based review station.

If you are looking to go digital at a cost effective price, DICOM Solutions has your answer. CR systems from DICOM Solutions is a must have for every type of medical office.

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