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The OmniVue DICOM Viewer Diagnostic Viewing Software For Medical Facilities

Dicom viewers are a necessary component in any well-equipped medical facility. Dicom Solutions, a medical imaging distributor and systems integrator located online at www.dicomsolutions.com, offers a variety of different dicom viewers for your perusal. Prominent in their offerings is the OmniVue Dicom Viewer Diagnostic Viewing Software.

A flexible program, the OmniVue system allows you to view both CR and DR digital images as well as network with workstations and PACS systems. Offering superior image display, annotation, image processing, file management, communication, optional capture and print solutions, medical facilities both large and small experience the benefits that come from using this adaptable system.

Image display provided by these dicom viewers allows the viewing of one, two three and five MP resolutions. Experience the power of separate worklist display, hanging display options and presets, multiple exam and thumbnail display. You can synchronize CT and MRI viewing, and utilize cine view for CT, MRI and ultrasound modalities.

User-friendly solutions are offered by this software system for the image processing and file management of CR and DR images. DR masking is enabled, and you can flip, rotate or arbitrarily rotate, zoom, pan and invert digital medical images easily and quickly. After you have manipulated the images, you can import and export Dicom images, even import by batches. You can convert non-dicom images to the medical digital format, and backup through the use of multiple patients CD and DVD burning capabilities. Reports to go with your digital medical images can also be conveniently saved as dicom files. E-mailing digital images is also possible with this dicom web viewer.

It is recommended that certain hardware is utilized with this powerful dicom web viewer in order to achieve maximum results from the software. You will want to have in place a Pentium processor, two gigabytes of RAM memory, and at least a one hundred and sixty gigabyte hard drive. The display resolution should be a least 1280 X 1024 and the software needs the Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Vista or 7 operating systems.

Dicom Solutions offers the OmniView software system for use with CR and DR digital images at prices affordable for small and mid-sized medical facilities. Call toll-free at (800) 377-2617 for more information.


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