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Use Web-Based Dicom Sharing For Speed of Distribution of Medical Images

Many medical facilities have made the switch to digital imaging. In order to see those images, you will need the appropriate software in order for your personal computer to be able to read those pictures; this software is known as a dicom viewer. For an even greater reach for the distribution of medical images, many medical offices choose to use a DICOM web viewer. This allows authorized personnel to view medical images anywhere there is a computer workstation with Internet access.

One of the attractive features that comes with a web-based dicom reader is the ability to compress digital images. As you know if you have ever tried to send any type of digital image over the Web, if it is large it takes much longer to send. Because time is at a premium in a medical facility, these web dicom viewers allow you to customize the amount of compression you want, enabling much speedier load times. They also allow you to select only the images that you want to make available to other medical personnel.

Security is also built in to a DICOM web viewer. 128-bit secure socket layer encryption comes with the dicom viewer, and separate usernames and passwords for physicians allows you to control who has access to patient records. Full patient records, including radiologist reports, are available for viewing.

The Dicom web viewer brings a great deal of flexibility to how you view images. You can adjust the window and level, as well as crop, rotate, zoom in or out, or set the brightness or contrast for the highest definition in medical digital images.

Using a Dicom viewer that is online also allows you to archive patient images. This is important in order to be in compliance with HIPPA regulations, and for emergency protocols. Patient digital images and records can be, via the Internet, backed up to an off-site server. This way, if a disaster such as a fire or earthquake should occur, all of your vital records are secured at an offsite location for your immediate retrieval.

Another attractive feature that is possible through the use of a Dicom reader is the ability to consult with other physicians regardless of their locale. With the click of a mouse, you can send patient images to specialists located anywhere in the world for rapid diagnosis. Medical schools can use this software to expose students to images they might not otherwise have had a chance to see; a similar situation exists for medical staff in rural areas. Dicom Solutions can answer your questions about the variety of web-based dicom viewers we have available.


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