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What Dicom Solutions Can Do For You

If you look at the homepage of our website, Dicom Solutions identifies itself as a “Medical Imaging Distributor and Systems Integrator.” Medical facilities with clinical specialties in orthopedic, chiropractic, veterinary, radiology, podiatry and urgent care medicine will find over five thousand different digital imaging solutions that we now offer. Top-selling products include Dicom viewers, PACS systems, digital servers as well as digital imaging acquisition devices for use in hospitals and all types of medical clinics and imaging centers.

Although we started out small, our company has expanded over time and we are proud of the fact that it is now included in the Inc. 500 fastest growing companies in the United States. The business began operations in 2003, primarily to resell Dicom to CD digital imaging programs.

All of that changed in 2004, however, when we began to focus on our online presence. This year also brought with it an expansion to the types of digital imaging equipment that we make available to hospitals, medical facilities and clinics. We were able to add more than a dozen new vendors to our portfolio of products offered, enabling us to reach our goal of providing medical facilities with a single place to find everything needed to utilize digital imaging in the medical environment. We expanded once again in 2010 with the inception of RadiologyBuyer.com, which offers a plethora of digital imaging products available for instant purchase online.

Today, we are pleased to offer a full range of digital imaging system components. These include CR and DR image acquisition systems, as well as related document scanning, image conversion, portable x-ray, bone density and RIS system equipment. Archival capabilities of medical facilities was greatly improved in 2009 when we began to offer RemotePACS as a cost-effective as well as HIPPA-compliant means for offsite digital image storage.

For archival purposes, we also make available a router system, PACS, as well as a mini-PACS system and a combination PACS with RIS and billing components. The viewing of digital medical images is widened with our line of dicom viewers, diagnostic monitors as well as clinical workstation packages. The dicom viewer selection includes the eFilm Workstation, Web Viewers and Omni Vue. The web-based dicom viewer enables online consultations, a huge benefit in providing affordable and better patient care for medical facilities utilizing our digital imaging products.

Many medical facilities take advantage of our distribution components. They include printers compatible with your digital imaging components, the PACSImage units that allow digital images to be stored to CD, as well as our burgeoning teleradiology solutions.


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