The Ultimate X-Ray Imaging Solution

Chiropractic x-ray equipment

Here at Dicom Solutions, we have served countless Chiropractors, Veterinarians, Podiatrists, Orthopedists, Urgent Cares, Hospitals and related medical imaging industry needs! Learn about the types of x-ray machines, medical imaging equipment guides and related insight. Make sure you are caught up on trending healthcare news and more!

Are Your PACS Systems Prepared for Disaster Recovery?

Every electronic data storage system from DICOM Solutions is custom designed to work with all standard peripherals, from disk drives, portable hard drives, CDs to DVDs. Your staff will be fully equipped with an adequate amount of patient record back-ups in case the worst happens.

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For Flexibility, Choose Radiology PACS

Now is a great time for small and medium-sized medical centers, imaging centers, veterinary and dental offices, podiatry and chiropractic offices, hospitals and radiology departments to select a Radiology PACS that is right for your facility.

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PACSImage Link Makes VPN A Thing Of The Past

PACSImage Link from Dicom Solutions is an image transmission software used by medical facilities to send patient studies easily across networks. It accomplishes this without the use of a VPN, or virtual private network. A virtual private network can be difficult to maintain and costly to manage. Dicom Solution’s PACSImage Link takes

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Barack Obama’s Push For Digital Healthcare

Improved and affordable healthcare is on many American’s minds these days. So it is with our new president, Barack Obama. President Obama’s health care plan includes improvements to the existing medical infrastructure to bring all medical facilities up to speed with digital healthcare. There are many reasons why moving to digital healthcare

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