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Your Facility is NOT Too Small For A Digital Radiography System

Digital Radiography is a popular option for imaging centers and other small and mid-sized medical facilities. Dicom Solutions offers a variety of quality digital x-ray options, including Neo DR and CareStream DR systems.

Rad rooms can be enhanced with a DR system in place. Digital systems provide some of the fastest capture times of medical imaging options currently available, offer the highest quality resolution in digital medical imaging, and use less radiation than other types of digital imaging systems. The speed that comes with digital imaging technology allows your medical office to streamline workflow while offering improved patient care.

The Neo DR unit is one such system in place in both large and small medical offices. This system allows you to retrofit your existing radiology equipment at a fraction of the cost of purchasing an entire new suite of gear. Another benefit is that your staff already knows how to operate your current system, so there is reduced time needed for learning how to operate new equipment.

The Neo digital radiography system is unique in its class in that it is a wireless unit that uses cassettes to capture the medical images. It conveniently works in conjunction with your existing wall stand and table bucky, saving you costly equipment replacement and room modification costs. A lightweight system, weighing in at only eight and a half pounds, it is also flexible, allowing its use at any location in your examination rooms. Immediate review of digital images is possible through the wireless technology, which transmits the digital images to your console.

The CareStream DR system is another wireless system that allows you to retrofit your current equipment. The system can be used whether patients sit or stand, adding an additional flexibility factor. Installation of this unit takes only one day of downtime. Because of its speed in delivering quality digital images, it works well when time is of the essence, such as in a trauma department or emergency room environment.

DR imaging solutions from Dicom offers even small medical facilities the ability to move up to quality digital imaging for a fraction of the cost of other imaging options.


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