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What Dicom Solutions Can Do For You

If you look at the homepage of our website, Dicom Solutions identifies itself as a “Medical Imaging Distributor and Systems Integrator.” Medical facilities with clinical specialties in orthopedic, chiropractic, veterinary, radiology, podiatry and urgent care medicine will find over five

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The Dicom Viewer And Your Portable X-ray System

Many medical centers and hospitals not only have a full radiography suite onsite, but also have portable x-ray units that can be taken to where your patients are, offering another stream of revenue while providing your patients with better care. 

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What Do Medical Centers Want In A Dicom Viewer?

Many in the medical profession see the value that comes from making the switch from film radiography to digital medical imaging. Instead of waiting for films to be developed and returned, you can have instant results, which can be critical in providing the best patient care.

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